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Customer Story - Interfile

Netcare is listed on the JSE Securities Exchange South Africa (JSE) and has the largest private hospital and doctor network in South Africa. They are not immune to the challenge of collecting outstanding payments from patients or guarantors, including the many who are simply unaware that they have an outstanding account.

There was a need to find a solution that would meet their end-to-end electronic bill presentment and payment requirements. Netcare wanted more than a collection mechanism – they wanted:

  • A frictionless customer-facing service that made it easy for the customer
  • To remove manual capture and allow for seamless interaction, with minimal impact to their existing business process

This solution has allowed for direct update and reconciliation into their SAP environment.

How was it done?

This solution was accomplished by implementing Interfile’s EBPP Lite solution to electronically send bills to customers, via SMS or email, with a frictionless link to electronically make payments from within a new secure Necare Paylink client portal. This portal caters for statement viewing, real-time online payment and automated reconciliation into Netcare’s core financial system of record – SAP. All in an automated electronic fashion, with no human intervention. Full reporting is readily available through the administration system, with further detailed analysis that is catered for.

This solution was further extended to allow Netcare debtors to enter into payment arrangements.  With the impact of COVID-19 and the inability for debtors to pay off their debt,  Netcare required an automated solution for a debtor to either electronically enters into an Acknowledgement of Debt with payment arrangements online, or provide the Call Centre staff with the ability to guide a debtor into entering into an electronic arrangement with Netcare. A first of its kind solution in SA.

What are the benefits?

Netcare benefits from having one central online interface that allows for viewing and payment of outstanding monies by their patients in an automated electronic fashion. This has resulted in Netcare receiving and reconciling payments for services rendered, with improved customer service and at a substantially lower cost than human-based collection methods.

The extension of allowing debtors to enter into an electronic Acknowledgement of Debt (AOD) with automated payment terms, removes the “embarrassment factor” from the Debtor and increases collections. This is simply done via the Paylink Portal. Non-technical people are also able to easily interact with a Call Centre Agent who assists the user to enter into an AOD and Payment Terms in a digitally assisted self-service manner via a phone.

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