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InterCash is a solution for organisations that use a typical over-the-counter manual invoice and receipting structure and non-integrated POS devices. InterCash is the ideal front-end payment processing application.

InterCash allows for the presentment and payment of invoices and receipts in the Customer Contact Centres. The complete solution integrates proven technology with a fully flexible cash receipting application to expand payment taking capabilities. The occasionally connected/off-line capability allows users to continue working locally even if connection to the central server is lost or being restored.

Using an advanced OSGI Java application design, InterCash unites remote and central offices into a cohesive payment processing system with strong controls and audit functions. Importantly, These controls reduce the incidents of collusion and loss of funds. In addition InterCash can be integrated to automatic cash handling devices supplied by the various Banks.

The sophisticated card device integration ensures control of all credit/debit card payments whilst ensuring accurate reconciliation through the removal of manual entry.

The InterCash solution caters for payments made against the customer’s account or bill without the need for the customer to have the physical document at hand for manual capture.

~ The real-time nature of the system ensures smooth processes
~ High fidelity reconciliation across all payment types (card, EFT, cash)
~ Enhanced features such as branch queue management
~ Advanced data segmentation, product and consumer analytics
~ Elimination of work silos

'Interfile’s InterCash provided us with a branch front-end which allowed us to enable over the counter debit and credit card acceptance and continue to reconcile with National Treasury requirements and referencing - the first of its kind in National Government.' – Republic of South Africa: Department of Home Affairs

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