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Interfile’s EBPP solution will allow you to service your customer who wants convenience and time-saving through the ability to access, view, and remit their bills directly online. 

Bill production, confirmation notices and collection of payments

The ability to accurately produce bills, send confirmation notices, and collect payments expeditiously – is fundamental to any business’s success. Applications like these often provide the most frequent contact that many companies have with their customers.

The bill as a document is designed for customer convenience and serves as a primary vehicle for:

– Marketing
– Cross-selling
– Brand reinforcement

If it isn’t
Interfile EBPP it probably isn’t true EBPP.

~Julie Wagstaff, Executive, Interfile

EBPP is at Interfile’s core e-Service offering

Interfile’s core e-Services offering, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP or eFiling), is based on technology and processes proven over 19 years, and offers clients superbly enhanced revenue collection and customer interaction.

Unlike third party collection agencies or payment service providers, Interfile offers a complete system with real-time payment directly into the ‘Billers’ bank account – no holding accounts, no delays and no reconciliation errors.

What is EBPP?



In its simplest form, EBPP is the process of delivering a bill from the originator (the biller) to the receiver (the customer) and processing the payment of that bill via electronic means.



EBPP provides an end-to-end electronic transaction; improves customer service dramatically; and builds customer loyalty, while providing cost savings and revenue enhancement opportunities.

EBPP is a co-operative effort

Many large billers have realised the benefits of issuing bills electronically but these are static bills that do not allow for payment of the bill or interaction with the customer. Banks and third-party payment service providers offer payment services, but these lack account reconciliation, customer validation, authentication and other critical factors required to deliver the benefits of EBPP. A successful EBPP offering requires a co-operative effort between financial institutions and service providers and the participation of a number of roles. It is much more than issuing and paying a bill, realising the benefits needs a solid understanding of both biller and customer requirements and behaviours.

Why EBPP as a solution and why Interfile as a partner?

EBPP is recognised as a key component of improved customer service. Self-service and convenience are central to EBPP. Mobile and Web services allow customers to view and pay bills at their convenience and offer greater customer service related functions than a printed statement. A high percentage of support costs are billing related, one of the key areas to reduce costs. In the EBPP world customers are able to obtain accounts, statements, proof of payment, and history without the need to contact a support centre.

Reconciliation services provide benefits for both biller and customer. Customers benefit from the receipt of immediate proof of payment from the biller and centralised history of bill and associated payment. Integration with the core systems of the biller for electronic account reconciliation is of paramount importance to billers and also leads to simplified dispute resolution. Cost savings in back office financial staff and processes is achieved and fewer customer disputes add to improved service.

Improved cash flow as a result of better data analysis and reduced debtors days provides additional value to the biller. Customers receive their bills earlier than in a postal world, offering them the ability to better manage their cash flow and billers get paid earlier – on average two weeks earlier than via other methods.

Large billers need a company like Interfile as they require the ability to add services and business processes around the basic function of presentment and payment. For example a municipality offering must include items such as registration and authentication services, account applications, clearance certificate processing, cut off management, account reconciliation, multiple user and account profiles, dispute resolution, integration into core systems, data cleansing, workflow and notification services.

EBPP – a proven solution

South Africa’s most well-known EBPP offering is SARS eFiling, designed, developed and implemented by Interfile. SARS have not only received the benefits of reduced debtors days and reconciled accounts, but is recognised today as a customer-focused entity. As a biller, they have realised accurate customer data, reduced queries, lowered costs, and improved processes.

The expansion of eFiling into departments, such as UIF, and Municipalities, such as the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, is also adding to the improvements in revenue collection and ability to deliver better services.

How Interfile EBPP solution adds value to your enterprise

~ Customer service
~ Customer loyalty
~ Account reconciliation
~ Saving in support costs
~ Marketing opportunities
~ Cashflow
~ Operational efficiencies
~ Fast and cost-effective implementation
~ A reputation you can rely on
~ Improved management information

How Interfile EBPP solution benefits your customers

~ Customer service
~ Convenient and free to your customer
~ Reducing risks
~ Saving costs
~ Secure and safe
~ Full electronic payment management

Real functionality in a complete package

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