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Smart Cities work for the citizen by delivering vastly improved services at a lower cost. They make use of technology and innovative ideas to improve the lives of all who live in them. 

‘The Best service is No service.’ 

Smart Cities use technology to allow citizens to serve themselves – be that via a web portal, mobile device, kiosk, voice call or chat message, and Smart Cities partner with Smart companies to build platforms on which improved services can be delivered. They know that by providing better services they build trust in their citizens. Citizens are more likely to pay for these services, enhancing revenue collection and perpetuating a win-win cycle.

Building a Smart City is a journey of modernisation requiring a partner that understands how to take advantage of the existing while building the future. A partner who has the experience and understanding to combine improved service delivery with cost reduction and revenue growth. A partner such as Interfile who has a proven technology platform on which to build.

Our platform helps in correct bill creation through smart meter readings and integrations, improves revenue collection through online capabilities and real-time payment integrations, reduces call centre and customer contact centre load, provides for self-service, enables near real-time reconnections and so much more.

Whether it is revenue services, emergency services, economic development, indigent programs, vehicle pound, or simply forms processing, Interfile has the business process knowledge, platforms and back-end support to deliver these Smart solutions.

Interfile’s work in Smart Cities


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