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Often, although every effort is made to de-materialise and reduce the utilisation of paper within an enterprise, originating digital documentation can be extremely challenging. InterScan brings control back to the enterprise, allowing customers to scan and submit supporting documentation in a variety of formats. InterScan works with almost all existing document and content management systems and provides capability for customers to originate digital documentation across all of their digital touchpoints, whilst providing controls for input into the enterprise.

InterScan allows customers to meta-tag inbound documentation and build taxonomies easily readable by content and document management systems.

This allows customers to deal with inbound documentation in a structured and collated fashion. When working with supporting documents, customers can view all related documentation in a single place.

InterScan will convert all submitted documentation to PDF/A or pdf for archiving – a global standard for archiving documentation – providing for digital readers 70 years into the future.

~ Control the type and size of documents submitted to the enterprise
~ Control the consumers’ scanners to ensure acceptable resolution and image size
~ Meta-tag document prior to submission for correct insertion into content and document management systems
~ Prevent large and unwieldy images and documents from entering the environment
~ Reduce duplication and re-submission and improve client service

InterScan has been deployed in extremely high volume environments like Customs and Excise for submission of documents for border control and release, as well as commercial environments for Account and Loan origination.

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