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How Interfile EBPP solution adds value to your enterprise

A business has much to gain from Intefile EBPP, because it is not only an added value means of attracting and retaining customers, and because it can help generate additional revenues from added-value services.

The benefit of EBPP lies not in the payment but in the value add that encapsulates the process. The monthly bill is one of the few vehicles that guarantee regular, repetitive, interactive communication with customers, making it an invaluable tool for client acquisition and retention.

EBPP strengthens the relationship between the business/biller and the customer through the creation of additional value to the customer, and becomes a strong tool in the retention of customers. The value to business includes savings in the direct cost of printing, collating and postage of paper bills and the improvement of debtor’s days. However, the real value lies in the areas of customer relationship/engagement management and account reconciliation. This translates to two way communication where the business can utilise EBPP as an opportunity for existing customers to further interact and engage with the Bill originator.

Customer Service

EBPP is now recognised as a key component, and very often driver, of improved customer service. Self-service and convenience are central to EBPP. Online or Web services allow customers to view and pay bills at their convenience and offer greater customer service-related functions than a printed statement. Customers can view their history of statements and associated payments, query line items on a bill, and engage with the business.

Customer Loyalty

EBPP offers businesses the ability to enhance customer loyalty by providing optimised services for high-value or vulnerable clients. Customised billing formats and languages are easily achieved, preferential customer services through electronic or traditional voice channels become a reality, and data modeling allows for targeted marketing and a better understanding of one’s customer.

Account Reconciliation

Reconciliation services provide benefits for both business and customer. Customers benefit from the receipt of immediate proof of payment from the business and centralised history of bills and associated payments. Dispute resolution is simplified for both biller and customer. Interfile’s ability to provide solutions that seamlessly integrate with the core systems of the biller for electronic account reconciliation is of paramount importance to a business. The referencing and account reconciliation that is unique to Interfile also adds value as consumers can pay multiple accounts via a single payment that is reconciled for the biller. Cost savings in back-office financial staff and processes are achieved and fewer customer disputes add to improved customer service and loyalty.

Savings in Support Costs

A high percentage of support costs are billing-related. Improved account reconciliation and customer self-service significantly reduce these costs. Customers are able to obtain accounts, statements, proof of payment, and history without the need to contact a support centre. Electronic dispute resolution mechanisms further reduce the support burden.

Marketing Opportunities

Each bill provides a one-to-one marketing opportunity. Electronic statements are more engaging than their paper-based counterparts and provide an opportunity for targeted messaging. Cross-sell and up-sell campaigns are easily incorporated and the effectiveness thereof is more precise and easier to analyse. Bill presentment is one of the few tools that force customers to visit your “shop” on a regular basis.


Improved cash flow as a result of better data analysis and reduced debtors days provides additional value to the biller. Customers receive their bills earlier than in a postage world, offering them the ability to better manage their cash flow – and they can pay their bills via their channel of choice 24 hours a day. This can be further enhanced through online tools or the integration into personal money management products.

Operational Efficiencies

Biller and customer both benefit from the electronic process. Electronic bills are far easier to incorporate into workflow processes with large customers now able to improve management and authorisation of multiple bills, whilst billers’ presentment, reconciliation and dispute process costs are substantially reduced.

Fast and cost-effective implementation

Because existing Interfile EBPP technology plugs into client systems, the cost of customisation can be as low as 10% of the cost compared to developing a new system while installation takes a fraction of the time. Operational running costs are also substantially lower than general market prices.

A reputation you can rely on

Recognised by Gartner, local and international innovation awards and PASA (Payments Association of South Africa) approval are just some of our accolades. Interfile is also contracted by SITA and partners with the GSSC to provide eGovernment services to all levels of Government. Our 15 year plus relationship with the major banks has enabled Interfile to process in excess of R600b worth of reconciled transactions.

Improved management information

By utilising Interfile’s EBPP system, your customer details, transaction and correspondence records will be vastly more accurate, accessible and auditable.

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