An image of customers depicting how Interfile EBPP benefits your customers

How Interfile EBPP benefits your customers

The service is completely free of charge

Interfile’s customer-facing applications are completely free of charge with no requirements for specialised software or skills.

Exceptional convenience

EBPP allows for 24/7/365 payment as well as a variety of payment channels.

Reducing the risk of default/service termination

The electronic reminder service that is inherent in Interfile EBPP means the risk of defaulting or having a service terminated through forgetting to pay a statement is considerably reduced.

Savings in Support Costs

A high percentage of support costs are billing-related. Improved account reconciliation and customer self-service significantly reduce these costs. Customers are able to obtain accounts, statements, proof of payment, and history without the need to contact a support centre. Electronic dispute resolution mechanisms further reduce the support burden.

History of Bills and Payments

Every statement and payment is stored in history for future reference.

Proof of Payment

Customers receive immediate proof of payment for each payment transaction.

Paperless and instantaneous communication between customer and client

Every EBPP statement is interactive and allows customers to dispute or query the bill via our integrated dispute resolution service.

Shared Usage

Built-in workflow processes together with varying levels of user rights provides added functionality and governance. For example, one user can authorise the invoice whilst another authorises payment.

Total security

Paying via EBPP is completely secure. Confirmation for each payment is immediate, while every communication – particularly in terms of a disputed bill – is logged.

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